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Filed under i dont even expect this to be reblogged from me i just wanted to compliment rory YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING i feel like that of all i would want to say to you tumblr tags isnt the place to do it so i owe you one i think but basically you are just the bestest ever and i dunno what i could ever do without you you make me so happy and i am so grateful for you thank you uvu

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June 2014: Pitch us your novel in a playlist or tell us about yourself in a playlist


A gunpowder fantasy full of stripped and scaled merfolk, far-reaching worldbuilding, tense geopolitics, questionable morality, and plenty of fairies. Not quite a pitch or a summary of the novel, but a collection of tracks I have been using for mood and inspiration while writing and editing it. Call it a writing soundtrack.


01. Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood) — Counting Crows // 02. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked — Cage the Elephant // 03. Poetry of the Deed — Frank Turner // 04. Rock What You Got — Superchick // 05. Old Man & Me — Hootie & The Blowfish // 06. I’m Shipping Up To Boston (Orchestral) — Dropkick Murphys (arr. Walt Ribeiro) // 07. Black — Kari Kimmel // 08. Death to the Storm — Joe Henry // 09. Black Dirt — Sea Wolf // 10. Below My Feet — Mumford & Sons // 11. All My Days — Alexi Murdoch // 12. Fine And Dandy — Stéphane Grappelli // 13. Mental Workout — Tim Halbert // 14. World Spins Madly On — The Weepies // 15. Homebird — Rónán Kearney // 16. Magpie to the Morning — Neko Case // 17. Falling Off the Face Of The Earth — Matt Wertz

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